CQB Breaching CUBE

Do it easy, but do it right!

9 m² prepare for every obstacle in deployment situation.

No problem, whatever doors, grid structures or roller shutters. In the CQB Cube, application of various tools is trained, so that entrance into a building doesn´t become a challenge. Scenarios can be rapidly changed and accessories can be continuously expanded with the help of Masterbreachers. 



Cube für spezielle Öffnungstechniken.

Possible opening mechanism

  • Ram
  • Locksmith technique
  • Door Raider with Support
  • Each kind of Hydraulik
  • Crowbar
  • Explosive
  • Angle Grinder / Chainsaw
  • Shotgun

Special Door

The versatile special door enables training of many different opening mechanisms:

  • Ram
  • Breach
  • Shot
  • Explode
  • Locksmith

Rapid re-hanging of the door in the course of training enables undetectable changes in the direction of opening from inside-opening to outside-opening.

Window with roller shutters

Fully-functional tilt and turn windows incl. lockable roller shutters. 

Even more real situations can be changed with this extra accessory. 

Upon request, Proreta offers a destroyable window, which can be added as alternative.

3x3 m is not enough

Breaching CUBEs can be connected together.
And it goes without saying; ground areas can be built directly around the CUBE. 

Because our CQB systems can be simply added-on to the CUBE.