CQB Technology

The new dimension of training

Always one step ahead

The best possible potential should come out of every training session. That´s why the team is not only concerned with developing newer CQB elements, but just as much with the ancillary technology. 

Proreta attaches great  importance to the fact that training sessions can be monitored all-round and analysed.

CQB Video System To-Go

Mobile camera system packed in a hard case with wheels.

  • 17 inch screen
  • 4 cameras incl. Battery (expandable to 8/12/16 pcs.)
  • Tool-free attachment to the CQB system
  • 1 software


  • Overview of multiple positions in training for instructors
  • Recording of training sessions
  • better training analysis


Weight: 25 kg
Dimension: 770 x 320 x 470 mm