CQB Training Systems

Close Quarter Battle

CQB TRAINING Hybride - Layout

The police and military need realistic, situation-specific 360° operations training. 

In many cases operations teams lack a training system that incorporates the real-life fact that every building to be stormed will have a different layout. Therefore immediate and realistic training in a time constrained schedule requires replication. This is paramount for the success of the operation. 

Our Proreta’s CQB system makes it is possible to specifically train for scheduled operations.

It can be used to replicate or remodel an entire building layout without special tool boxes in a matter of minutes. Our belief rests upon ergonomic assembly in such a way that all of its basic elements weigh less than 25 kg. As a result, the system can be set up by one person without the need for assembly instructions. Posts and wall elements have no top, bottom, right or left side. All elements are cut to the same pattern, so training scenarios don’t have to be laboriously planned. Our constantly expanding product range has increased the number of realistic layouts that can be replicated.

Each of our elements are specifically designed for each system. The systems available are FX for intense training needs; 9mm and up to .308 calibres for live ammunition training. 

CQB FX TRAINING für Trainingsmunition z.B. von Simunition, UTM oder Force on Force


Tactical procedures and deployment scenarios can be planned and implemented with FX, PT and other training ammunition.

CQB TRAINING Indoor: The basic-intense system for use indoors, usually enclosed and small spaces only.

CQB TRAINING Hybrid: The flexible system.
This system can be set up both indoors and outdoors. Once the training sessions outdoors are finalized, we strongly recommend a dry storage, essential for a long service life of all the elements.

CQB TRAINING Outdoor: The all-weather solution.
This system can be combined with the hybrid system. All the elements are weatherproof, and can be left outdoors in all weather conditions for long periods of time.

CQB 9 mm für Training im Scharfen Schuss mit Kaliber 9 mm.


The VPAM 3 system is certified in Melrichstadt and perfect for safe 360° training with live ammunition up to 9x19 mm calibre. The high-quality material prevents projectile rebounds or ricochets. All projectiles are absorbed by the wall elements and posts.

CQB .308 für Training bis Kaliber .308.


Proreta has responded to the increasing challenges facing the police and military forces by developing a system for up to .308 projectiles which prevents rebounds.

The safety of the Special Operations Teams is our highest priority.

Special Doors

Special operations teams often have to breach locked or barricaded doors before acquiring an intended target. Our realistic special door elements where developed in close collaboration with German special operations units.

All special doors can be integrated into the system in exactly the same way as the basic modules. The outstanding feature of our special doors is that they can swing open fully like a room door. Both left and right side opening doors are possible! (Special doors from other manufacturers have large rearward beams. Ours don't!) These doors don’t need to be installed in the system and can also be used on a stand-alone basis and can be purchased separately as a specialty kit. 

Breaching Door

The Breaching Door can be adjusted to multiple levels of difficulty. Resistances can be set by inserting different numbers of rods made of different materials and with varying thickness. With the correct configuration, the robust door construction can withstand the strongest ram impact. But it can also be set up to open when pressed. This simple adjustment makes it possible for the team to initially train the right technique, before applying real-life force in later training. 

Shotgun & Explosive Door

A new addition to the Proreta range is the Shotgun & Explosive Door. Before a mission, special operations units have to practice attaching explosive charges and how to correctly set the shotgun angle against a door. 

Does this mean that each training session requires the purchase of a brand-new door?

Not with Proreta’s door!

Our specialty door will remain in the training area and the team will have only to replace the  "sacrificed wood", in minutes, and ready to be used in the next training session. Either the lock and/or the hinges can be fired at to breach and enter the next room.

Another advantage: The door stays in the system.

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