Modular Bullet Trap

CQB 9 mm für Training im Scharfen Schuss mit Kaliber 9 mm.

Modular Bullet Trap 9mm

Projectiles up to VPAM 4 are reliably stopped with this modular bullet box. (Not applicable for hollow point bullets).

CQB .308 für Training bis Kaliber .308.

Modular Bullet Trap .308

Projectiles up to .308 calibre are reliably stopped in this modular bullet trap.

Modular bullet trap for shooting at a designated target.

The projectiles are collected in the firing box. The core of the box contains low-wear granules that can be replaced and refilled. These granules arrest the speed of the projectile and stop it inside the box. The projectile is not destroyed and there is no ricocheting.

Firing Area

The material was selected so that the firing area does not have to be immediately replaced. The firing plate is penetrated by the projectile and then seals itself automatically, making it suitable for multiple-shot firing.
If the firing plate gives way, it can be easily replaced.
The target can be individually designed by the trainee officer.


A drawer at the bottom of the box can be pulled out from rear end of the box. All the projectiles fall through the granules into this drawer.


Firing area

  • No rebounds or ricochets
  • Completely metal-free
  • Extremely robust construction
  • HD flammability (UL 94)