Modular Training Center

The way to your own training center


Proreta Tactical plans your desired training center with you, individually and in accordance with your needs. In just 6 months (depending on size and design) beginning with the planning, your modular building can stand on your premises on-site. The possibility of a site change for the building after a few years is no problem. 

What´s special about our training centers:

  • Time factor! Modular construction is much faster to build than conventional 
  • Flexibility! If the piece of land is only rented and maybe has to be dismantled after only a couple of years. Modules can be reduced and then set-up at another site.
  • Realistic training with our CQB training systems (even on 2 levels)
  • Entrance into the building through differently arranged entry elements 
  • Our “Know How“ through close collaboration with special operations teams
Training centers for CQB systems can be easily built by Proreta.

Planning and Implementation:

  • Planning phase – Determining the space needed and training requirements, on-site inspection
  • During Selection Process, customer has a large choice between many different configuration possibilities
  • After award of contract, and depending on the size and effort involved, training can start within 6 months
  • Building shell stands in 1-3 days

Interior Design:

  • Depending on design, the client can flexibly shape the space inside the defined modular dimensions 
  • Control Room – this is where everything is controlled per KNX System. Cameras, intercom, monitors, light etc.
  • Training room for conferring and evaluation
  • Sanitary rooms, fitness area and matted-floors for close-combat training 


  • KNX System
  • Tablet-control
  • Most modern ventilation technology
  • Cameras
  • Illumination technology


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Raum für das CQB System
Lüftung und Kameras im gesamten CQB Bereich
Treppenaufgang zwischen den 2 CQB Stockwerken. Training auf 2 Etagen.
Viel Platz für CQB
Close Quarter Battle auf engem Raum
Training mit realen Situationen
Verschiedene taktische Szenarien auf einer Fläche.

CQB Training Room

  • Close-quarter battle training with changes in floor levels
  • Layout suited to CQB systems
  • Flat floors for optimised system assembly
  • Large number of cameras in rooms for training purposes and live transmissions
  • Up to 8-times air-exchange for long-term "healthy" training sessions
Freie Fläche für taktisches Training.

Self-defence Room

  • Specially-certified matted floor
  • Large room without pillars
  • Mirror-wall as optional extra
Spezieller Mattenboden für Selbstverteidigung
Sicheres Selbstverteidigung-Training
Kampftraining mit weicher Landung

Mehrere Kameras im CQB-Raum verteilt
Beamertechnik für Auswertungen und Live-Übertragungen des CQB Trainings.


  • Tailored to meet customer’s needs
  • Complete video evaluation of training sessions possible
  • Live transmission on big-screen
  • Optimised adaptation with deployed equipment