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Foxseal. Save lives with chest traumas.

Injuries to the chest can be life-threatening and should be treated immediately. If the injury is penetrating, the lungs may collapse. In addition, it cannot be ruled out that other organs affected are pulled in. Chest traumas in combat or special forces actions are not uncommon. Some studies have revealed that about 9% of wounded U.S. soldiers, endure life-threatening chest injuries.

Reliable product. Developed by reputable companies.

Foxseal has been tested under extreme conditions and is based on the US CoTCCC policy (U.S. Special Operations Command – Tactical Combat Casualty Care) where quick and safe chest wound closure requirements must be met. Foxseal is not folding-prone as other seals, for which no reliable data exists. Instead, Foxseal combines a stable attachment to the skin with the ability to simultaneously clear the air between the wound and the seal, with a slam-close effect. In addition, no-fold Foxseal fits perfectly in first aid emergency packs clearly saving space when compared with competitive products.

Exclusive sales all over Germany.

Foxseal was developed by MedTrade Products Ltd, a medical products company. ISO 13485 certified, MedTrade was founded in the U.K. in 1999, and applies strict criteria for the selection of its distribution partners. Proreta has been designated as the sole distributor of Foxseal in Germany.

Benefits overview

  • Efficient wound closure for chest trauma
  • Significantly reduces the risks of lung collapse
  • Stable attachment to skin combined with optimum ventilation and fast wound closure function
  • Not folding prone as other seals
  • No-fold attribute is space-saving in first aid emergency packs
  • Recommended for use as an integral part of first-aid emergency packs for military and special forces