• Concept

    • Traction Control Tool TCT is a revolutionary Driver Training System engineered to save lives and reduce risk associated with driving.
    • TCT has developed a high tech, complex, injection molded, and patented material and design for driver training.
    • Our patented high-density ring technology gives trainers the ability to teach “hands-on” skid recovery and advanced driving skills at speeds as low as 10 MPH.

    • The TCT ring slides over tire and rim
    • To reduce grip
    • To reproduce skid conditions
  • Advantages

    • Easy to install
    • Easy to handle
    • Very affordable
    • Training can be done on any paved surface
    • Does not require water
    • Allows for multiple vehicles on larger driving range
    • Low speed training as well as high speed skid work
    • Enhance driving on rear, front, and all wheel drive vehicles
  • Advantages

    • Dedicated vehicle not required
    • Great on road courses
    • Can equip vehicle with 2 or 4 TCT
    • Replicates real-life conditions
    • No damages or marks on the asphalt
    • Very low noise level
    • No need for large training areas
    • Can be used under any weather condition
  • Installation

    For installation, you will need a tire vacuum.
    A device that can completely remove the air from the tire.

    1. Remove the air from the tire
    2. Insert the TCT ring
    3. Remove the tire vacuum 
    4. Inflate the tire to recomended pressure