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The PRORETA company

PRORETA Tactical GmbH develops tactical components for military and police special and operational units.

The company’s core competence lies in the development and production of solutions for the everyday training of the operational units, in the area of tactical action in built-up areas. For this purpose, the so-called Pluteus CQB system, a mobile partition wall system, was developed for tactical training to deal with operational situations in apartments.

The planning and implementation of concepts for entire training centers also belong to the company’s portfolio, and has already been implemented several times at national and international level. The various projects included the entire concept creation, as well as the creation of a comprehensive training environment to deal with complex situations.

In addition, with affiliated partner companies, concepts for the modern implementation of modular indoor shooting ranges, partially open kill houses and innovative solutions for targets and bullet traps are created. The special focus here is on “clean” solutions to protect the emergency services.

Your experienced team



Alexander Keul

Founder and CEO

  • Founded Proreta Tactical GmbH in 2014
  • 9 years member of GSG 9 of the Federal Police
  • 3 years bodyguards with an exposed family

Jens Goerdts

Sales and development

  • Part of the Proreta team since 2019
  • For 14 years a member of GSG 9 of the Federal Police
  • 5 years bodyguards of an exposed family

Annett Handschag

Back office and sales

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Our cooperation partners

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Successful examples

  • Police Brandenburg
  • Police Baden-Württemberg
  • Police Berlin
  • Police Bayern
  • Police Hessen
  • Police Rheinland-Pfalz
  • Police Saarland
  • Federal Police
  • armed forces
  • Customs Criminal Police Office
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Jagdkommando Bundesheer (Austria)
  • Armed Forces (Austria)
  • Police Austria
  • Zurich City Police (Switzerland)
  • CEA Atomic Agency (France)
  • Luxembourg Police